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Ronnie's Story

Neil Butcher

Raeda Sports Pty was founded in 2017 with the purpose to educate and develop young aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen to reach their full potential in their sporting codes.

They specialise in sports events, league management, player management, education and development.

They continue to support these areas by delivering a wide selection of sports products to the community by educating coaches with workshops and seminars and reaching both the youth communities with coaching taking place in schools of all ages, and club coaching too.

Raeda Sports Pty reaches underdeveloped communities with the aim of creating awareness of sport and its benefits. They also assist for those at the other end of their playing careers who wish to seek a new career in the coaching and management side of the game. Sign up today at

What We Offer

LAPS: Life After Professional Sport, is the career resource platform for current and former sports professionals and elite athletes.   
Sport professionals are highly sought after by employers in a huge number of sectors. The very characteristics that have put them at the top of their sports career are the same traits employers find desirable. There are thousands of rewarding careers out there, and LAPS has been set up by sports and recruitment experts to help connect sports professionals with organisations who wish to employ former elite athletes.  Find out more at

The Club (if applicable):

​​- Exceeded the Club’s obligations for the management of Players during their retirement process.

- Maintained the Player’s commitment to the Club throughout the retirement period.

- Sets the Benchmark for the Player’s Welfare throughout their employment with the Club.

- Assists the Club in attracting and retaining the Best Talent.

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Meet our "Creating Success After Sport" Coaches

Born in Birmingham in 1916, Ronnie joined Aston Villa in 1933 after playing his youth football at Shirley Juniors. Finding it difficult to break into the first team at Villa Park he went on loan to Shrewsbury Town before joining Reading in 1936. He played 21 times for Reading and kept a clean sheet in his first 4 games. Unfortunately this all ended abruptly when Ronnie was injured, putting an end to his promising career at just 22 years of age.  

Facing life after sport, Ronnie first had to deal the challenge of fighting in World War 2, serving in the Royal Artillery and the Scots Guards. After the war he joined the Police force and then adapted to life as a business man, when he and his wife Audrey owned and ran a number of successful newsagents, first in the Midlands and then in Devon.     

Using our unique business philosophy “Inspire, Prepare, Coach” and will help you plan your way forward by giving you the tools to establish and achieve your goals.

The programme includes:

· Core Skills Review

· Career Planning.

· CV Planning and Drafting.

· How to target the appropriate Job Search.

· Psychology behind a Job Interview.

· Networking.

· Visibility and Adding Value.

· Business Start Ups.*

· Team Management. Leadership Styles and input.*

· Financial and Pensions Advice from an Accredited Financial Consultant.*

*Separate sessions if required. 

Our "Creating Success After Sport" programme is inspired by co-founder Nick's grandfather Ronnie Butcher. Ronnie was a professional footballer, playing in goal for Aston Villa, Shrewsbury Town and Reading between 1933 and 1938, who sadly got his promising career cut short due to injury at 22 years of age.

Like Ronnie, even today with advances in medical technology, all sports players eventually face the same question - "What are they going to do after they finish their career?" whether it be through retirement or injury.

This is where Coaching and CV Pro can help. 

Based out of the iconic Twickenham Stoop, home of Harlequins Rugby, we specialise in coaching professionals from any sporting discipline who are looking to prepare for life after sport through our unique 3 step "Inspire, Prepare, Coach" method and get ready for their next career - whatever that might be!

Based out of the iconic Twickenham Stoop, home of Harlequins Rugby, Nick and Neil can run "Creating Success after Sport" sessions onsite at the ground or offsite at mutually agreed suitable locations.

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The Player:

- Professional guided assistance throughout the retirement and Club exiting process.
- Will have created a managed Career and Job Search Plan.
- Received full support with Job Application and Interview Processes.
- Built Confidence in their future Career.

Nick Butcher

It's never too early to start planning for life after professional sport. LAPS promo video featuring Adam Lallana, Alex Scott and Danny Cipriani. Find out more about LAPS below. Copyright LAPS

Creating Success After Sport

The Key Benefits of “Creating Success After Sport”